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Bishop Armando Tamez
AAFCJ Christian Education

Bishop Armando Tamez is the Secretary of Christian Education of the Apostolic Assembly, elected for the 2022 to 2026 term.

He was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, on August 27, 1976. Originally from a Catholic family, he became the first member of his family to receive the Apostolic message of salvation. He and his wife Nelly were invited by relatives of his wife to a service where he was visited by the power of the Holy Spirit in such a supernatural way that from that moment on he attended church services. The Lord placed in him an appetite for the reading of the Bible, he would study it for hours every day and would attend any conference where it was taught. He was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ on August 13, 1989. Soon after he became involved in evangelism with a group of very active church members, they would preach and sing in the streets and give Bible studies. His first local responsibility was giving classes to children in Sunday School. After completing the ministerial courses he began to teach in rural areas where the Bible College had opened locations.

In January 1999 he began leading services with a group of families at a house located in the city of Grand Prairie, Texas. Soon after he felt a new direction for the group and they moved to plant “Generation That Conquers” church in Arlington, Texas, in January 2000. The bishop has led this church to be a growing and dynamic congregation, the church has a property that is 4.5 acres and is approximately 45,000 square feet of construction. The church is located at the heart of the Dallas metroplex and is only a mile away from the largest entertainment centers in North Texas. He studied the general classes for Economic Accounting at the University of Nuevo León. He obtained an Associate of Arts degree from the International Apostolic Bible College and later he received a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Latin American Seminary. He also has a Bachelor of Ministries from Vision University. At Vision University he obtained a Master of Theology degree and a Doctorate in Ministries with a specialty in family. He graduated with a Master of Arts in Religion from the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, wherein he graduated with honors “Cum Laude”.

In 2011 he was elected Bishop Supervisor of the North Texas District, he served in this role for eight years, reopening and planting works. He has served on several national commissions, the most important of which has been the Constitution Revisory Commission, wherein he served as Secretary. As Secretary he assisted in editing the first bilingual edition of the Constitution of the Apostolic Assembly and later the 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2022 editions.

He lives in Arlington with his wife Nelly. Together they have three children, Diego, Alan, and Nellie, and nine grandchildren, their grandchildren fill each moment of their lives with happiness.

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